Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Yingtao” mean?
“Yingtao”(樱桃) is the name of the owner Bolun’s late grandmother; it also means “cherry” in Mandarin.

What kind of food does Yingtao serve?
Our cuisine artfully blends Chinese flavors with global culinary techniques.

Dietary restrictions / vegetarian diets:
Currently, due to our early stages of opening and ongoing menu development, we are unable to accommodate specific dietary restrictions or offer a complete vegetarian menu. However, we recommend exploring the à la carte options at our bar, which may provide more flexibility for those with dietary restrictions.

Do you require reservations?
Reservations are currently required for the main dining room and can be made online through Resy.  Our bar, offering à la carte options, welcomes walk-ins at any time. For groups larger than 6 guests, please email

How far in advance are reservations released?
We release our reservations on a rolling basis, consistently extending them to cover a 2-week period in advance.

How long is the dining experience?
A typical seating at our restaurant lasts approximately 2 hours. 

Dress code:
At Yingtao, we do not enforce a specific dress code for our guests. However, we kindly request that guests be mindful of the amount of perfume or cologne used before dining, to enhance the experience for everyone.

Cancellation Policy:
We recognize that unforeseen circumstances can occur. Please note that cancellations or changes to reservations made within 24 hours of the booking are non-refundable. This includes rescheduling, which is treated as a cancellation if done within the 24-hour window.

Is there wheelchair accessibility?
Yes, our restaurant is wheelchair accessible.  We encourage guests who require special accommodations to contact us directly during the booking process, so we can ensure a comfortable and accessible dining experience.

Can I host a private event?
While we do not have a dedicated private dining room, we are able to host private events through a full buyout of the restaurant. For inquiries about hosting such events, please email us at, and we will guide you through the process.

Can I bring in my own cake?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own cake. Please note that we apply a cake cutting fee of $5 per person. 

Corkage Fee:
Our corkage fee is $50 per bottle (750ml) for the first two bottles or $50 for one magnum (1500ml). For each additional 750ml bottle, the fee is $75. Please note that we do not accept bottles that are already part of our wine list.